vegan Artisan Soap



Cashmere Sceted soap is made with ingredients helps relieve dry skin issues. made with silk fibers that leave an extra barrier of protection on your skin  and helping it retain moisture. Scented with the  highly demanded fragrance of Cashmere


This Cashmere scented soap is made with top quality oils and ingredients. This soap contains Tussah Silk fibers that are a protein barriers that soften the skin and improves skins moisture. Scented with the elegant fragrance of Cashmere that will leave you smelling irresistible to any man or woman. Topped off with Vegan Copper Mica color, lightly sprinkled with a glitter that gives a sexy aura. Hand made in Hawaii. vegan soap. great for dry skin and normal skin types. /products/cashmere-scented-soap-4-70-oz


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